Our Two-Step Fitting Process

Step One: Initial Evaluation & Creation of Foot Impressions (30-45min.)

Dr. Lane will: 
  • Talk with you to fully understand the background of your condition, symptoms, past treatment, and activity goals.

  • Perform a detailed biomechanical and footwear evaluation

  • Take a precise molding of your feet in their optimal biomechanical alignment

Step Two (usually about 1 week later): Orthotic Dispensing & Footwear Recommendations (20-30min.)

Dr. Lane will:
  • Review orthotic break-in and care instructions

  • Evaluate your new orthotics to confirm proper fit to your feet

  • Dispense your new orthotics with confirmation of proper fit in footwear

  • Provide footwear education, recommendations and selection assistance for proper footwear

Dr. Lane's goal is to assure that your custom orthotics are as comfortable and supportive as possible. He will adjust or remake them free of charge if you're not finding them completely comfortable at any time within the first 6 months. There is a one-year materials warranty. 

We Work With Most Medical Insurance Plans!

Proudly serving the Greater Richmond, VA area!

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We accept:

1. Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
2. Health Savings Accounts (HSA) 

3. Under Age 18 Discount 15%

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 Multiple Office & Mobile Locations.

Flexible Hours!

The services provided by Superior Foot Supports, LLC and it's members are limited to custom orthotic services and do not include medical management, or writing prescriptions unless seeing Dr. Lane as a patient at his Chippenham office. We accept orthotic prescriptions from other providers. Flex spending & health savings accounts typically provide reimbursement.

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