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Testimonials & Reviews

"My plantar fasciitis hurt so bad, I couldn't play soccer anymore and I could barely walk. I wasn't getting enough exercise as a result and I was gaining weight from being so inactive. I spent a year trying every gizmo, gadget, shoe insert, night splint, heel cup and support sock that I could find on Amazon, but nothing worked. Then I got a pair of custom shoe inserts from Superior Foot Supports and what a difference. I was playing soccer again about a month later and have never had a problem since. The science of how the foot supports work was so obvious once it was explained to me by Dr. Lane. I wish I started here. If you have heel pain from plantar fasciitis, don't waste another minute - I recommend you call Superior Foot Support today!"


Chris F

Midlothian, VA

"Very professional and was very thorough."


Lawrence P.

"I ran cross country and track with George Douglas Lane in college (Virginia Tech. Go Hokies!) and can testify to his understanding of the needs of athletes. He's got a great analytical mind along with a warm, caring personality."


Peter S.

Reston, VA

"Dr. Lane was very thorough and spent plenty of time with us. My son said he liked him."


Zachary A.

"Very helpful and knowledgeable. I love my custom orthotics and couldn't imagine running pain free without him!"


Sue D.

"I really liked him and found him easy to talk to. He also explained my problem in layman's terms and made good recommendations."


Virginia M.

"I was very happy with the custom orthotics George Lane designed for me. As a competitive runner, they solved a couple of chronic issues I had been dealing with in my feet and lower legs. The orthotics were quite comfortable and light weight and they were durable. A hallmark of his service is the time he takes with you to understand the underlying issues and answer questions to develop a solution to your particular problem. Highly recommended!"


Jim N.

"I went through two years of battling every running injury in the book: foot aches, ankle problems, knee pain, hamstring issues, and hip soreness.  I was told by various doctors the only answer was taking months off of running to let my body heal. I finally saw Dr. Lane, who assured me I would be back running in no time.  At the time, this was hard to believe. He explained I was unbalanced which caused unnecessary stress on my body. Dr. Lane fit me for orthotics to correct my alignment.  I wore in the orthotics (just as he recommended) and have remained pain free to this day.  I am so thankful to have seen Dr. Lane.


When most doctors tell you "if it hurts you, stop running."  Dr. Lane will get to the root of the problem, so you can run injury free.  As a runner himself, Dr. Lane understands the needs of runners and his main goal is to get you back and running ASAP!"

Keira D'Amato - 15th Place Finisher, 2020 Olympic Trials Marathon

"I originally found Dr. Lane in Reston, Va., after he was recommended by my physical therapist and many other orthopedists as the absolute best ankle surgeon in the region. He's an actual doctor who also makes his own orthotics, and I know that's a rare find because I have had them made before. Dr. Lane was absolutely the best ankle surgeon in all of Northern Virginia, but when I consulted him he was the only one who did NOT recommend extensive surgery.  Dr. Lane's orthotics were successful in easing my ankle pain and I never considered surgery again. Now that Dr. Lane is in Central Virginia, I have travelled there to get an additional pair of orthotics made".





"Dr. Lane was very knowledgeable and thorough on the phone, answering all my questions surrounding my foot situation and orthotics. He conveniently met me at one of the Lucky Road locations; and I really appreciated that.”


"Dr. Lane took the time to understand the problems I was having. I couldn’t be happier with the convenience of meeting him at the Lucky Road store instead of having to make a separate trip to an office. The orthotics Dr. Lane made have helped considerably. My biggest problem has been that other orthotic specialists didn't listen to my concerns. Dr. Lane spent time listening to my problems and recommending the proper solution!”


"The results have been amazing. I no longer must wear my ankle brace and now I can continue walking or jogging with little to no pain. Dr. Lane’s service was nice because if I had issues I could call him and meet him conveniently at the store.”


"Dr. Lane answered all my questions about my foot problem. He took the time to listen to me and was able to give me some tips and insight into my foot challenges. He was very kind and took his time with me, I so appreciated Lucky Road for having him on location. I had a very good experience with him and Lucky Road.”


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