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Orthotic 3 Week Assessment Instructions

At three weeks, it is important to perform a two-point orthotic check as follows:

  1. Check the orthotics for excessive arch-drop. It is normal for the orthotic arch height to lower about 2-3 millimeters, however, any more than 3mm drop may require a follow-up visit to have the orthotics recalibrated.


The orthotic has two parts: the “shell”, which is the hard plastic part underneath, and the “topcover”, which is the softer material(s) bonded to the top of the shell.


To check for orthotic arch-drop, place the orthotic on a table-top. Hold the orthotic down to make sure both the heel and the entire front edge of the shell are in contact with the table. With a ruler, measure the distance from the table surface to the highest point of the TOP of the shell at the arch. Compare this with the original arch height at the time the orthotics were dispensed to you (refer to sheet provided by Dr. Lane or call 804-464-3299 if you lost this information).



   2.  Check the orthotics for wobble. With your right orthotic sitting on a table top, push downward firmly with your right thumb on center of the heel of the orthotic while simultaneously pushing downward, with the index finger of the same hand, on top of the orthotic near the end of the shell (where the hard plastic portion of the orthotic ends), about one finger’s width from the lateral border (5th toe side) of the orthotic. With the orthotic held firmly by your right thumb and right index finger as noted above, tap the top of the orthotic near the end of the orthotic shell on the medial side (big-toe side). The bottom of the leading edge of the medial side of the orthotic shell should maintain contact with the table surface at all times, and if it is not in contact with the table, you will hear a “click” each time you tap the top of the orthotic as the bottom of the shell hits the table, indicating that the orthotic has lost alignment and requires recalibration.



If at three weeks, there has been more than 3mm of arch-drop, there is an audible “click” with the wobble test, or you do not feel like you are adjusting to the orthotics due to discomfort or other issues, please call us to discuss how to handle the problems you are experiencing.

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