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IL Podiatrist Discusses Custom Orthotics for Young Athletes

According to Robert Weil, DPM, “Custom orthotics are of great benefit for young athletes in all sports. The prevention of many foot, ankle, and knee overuse problems is one of the biggest. Regardless of particular sport, proper and optimum foot alignment and biomechanics are key. Enhanced performance like better balance, speed, and stability is common.”

Dr. Robert Weil

“Orthotics do more than support the arch. They help to properly position and align the feet, ankles, and whole lower extremity. Often, parents and coaches will ask, 'Does my young athlete need orthotics?' It’s better to ask, ‘Would they benefit?’ Almost always, when done properly (ideally by podiatrists), the answer is yes!,” says Dr. Weil.

Source: MVP Parent Magazine [Summer 2021]

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