Many Plantar Fascitis Treatments Are Ineffective. Learn How Our Custom Foot Orthotics Can Resolve & Prevent The Symptoms Of Plantar Fasciitis, The #1 Cause Of Heel & Arch Pain

The top image shows the foot skeleton with no weight on it: the arch is higher and plantar fascia is relaxed. The bottom image shows the foot skeleton with inadequate arch support when your weight is on the foot on a hard flat surface: the foot "spreads" out longer, the arch is flatter and the plantar fascia is stretched tight. When under these conditions for too long, the plantar fascia can become strained causing plantar fasciitis.


Most often, the inflammation and pain is where the plantar fascia attaches to the bottom of the heel, although sometimes it can be in the arch as well. The pain, often sharp and intense, is usually most severe with first steps after a period of being off your feet.


Although stretching, physical therapy, and other plantar fasciitis treatments can be helpful, unless the necessary arch support is provided, the plantar fascia will continue to get strained when on your feet, causing interference with healing.

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Foot Orthotics: The right custom orthotics are often the best defense in the prevention of plantar fasciits and the most reliable long-term cure for existing conditions. We use the Sole Supports™ orthotic lab. Unlike typical custom orthotics, ours are designed to completely support the corrected arch of your foot, determined by a unique way of capturing your optimal foot position. A restored arch significantly reduces the daily pull on the plantar fascia by relaxing the ‘bowstring” function of the fascia. It is the only practical way to address both the symptoms AND the cause of your problem.

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"My plantar fasciitis hurt so bad, I couldn't play soccer anymore and I could barely walk. I wasn't getting enough exercise as a result and I was gaining weight from being so inactive. I spent a year trying every gizmo, gadget, shoe insert, night splint, heel cup and support sock that I could find on Amazon, but nothing worked. Then I got a pair of custom shoe inserts from Superior Foot Supports and what a difference. I was playing soccer again about a month later and have never had a problem since. The science of how the foot supports work was so obvious once it was explained to me by Dr. Lane. I wish I started here. If you have heel pain from plantar fasciitis, don't waste another minute - I recommend you call Superior Foot Support today!"


Chris F

Midlothian, VA

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Your FSA or HSA may cover orthotics

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