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Custom Foot Orthotics

orthotics giving the foot comfort to enjoy hiking

Because Your Feet Deserve The Best

PROUDLY SERVING Chesterfield, Hanover, Henrico, Mechanicsville, Midlothian, Powhatan, Richmond VA

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Custom Orthotics

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Is Foot Related Pain Affecting Your Everyday Activities?

Our custom foot orthotics can relieve & prevent foot, ankle, knee, leg, hip & back pain for YOU!

See The Superior Foot Supports Difference!

A comparison of good foot support with Superior Foot Supports orthotic vs standard orthotic

Why Choose Superior Foot Supports?


Your foot orthotics will be custom made by highly skilled and experienced podiatrist, Dr. George Lane, who is passionate about making you the most effective and comfortable orthotics possible. He does this by carefully evaluating your foot structure and biomechanics, reproducing a model of each foot in its exact shape and optimal alignment, and using the highest quality materials and orthotic lab technology to produce the most precisely calibrated orthotics possible to meet your specific needs. Your orthotics will be slim, lightweight, waterproof, odor resistant, & work effectively for many years.

Because Your Feet Deserve The Best


We Are The Premier Mobile Custom Foot Orthotic Provider Serving The Greater Richmond, VA Area

Dr. Lane can see you within days at one of the Richmond area's award-winning footwear stores or podiatry clinics: Lucky Road Run Shops, and SynergyHealth Foot & Ankle Clinic offices, or even your home or office to perform your evaluation, foot impressions, and dispense your orthotics 7 days later. A doctor referral isn't necessary.

  • Your medical insurance may cover our orthotics:

  • We can provide documentation for insurance reimbursement

  • We take company provided plans:

  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)       

  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA) 

  • We provide reduced pricing & outgrow plans for youths under age 18

Compare us to other orthotic, arch support & insole companies. We're the CLEAR choice!

Our service is not complete until YOUR comfort expectations have been met!

Our Simple Two-Step Fitting Process
All performed by board certified podiatrist, Dr. George Lane

Step One: Initial Evaluation & Creation Of Foot Impressions (30-45min)

Dr. Lane will: 

  • Talk with you to fully understand the background of your condition, symptoms, past treatment, and activity goals.

  • Perform a detailed biomechanical  exam and footwear evaluation

  • Take a precise molding of your feet in their optimal biomechanical alignment

  • Combine biomechanical exam data with foot impressions for production of maximally effective orthotics 

Step Two: (usually about 1 week later) Orthotic Dispensing & Footwear Recommendations (20-30min)

Dr. Lane will: 

  • Review orthotic break-in and care instructions

  • Evaluate your new orthotics to confirm proper fit to and function for your feet

  • Dispense your new orthotics with confirmation of proper fit in footwear

  • Provide footwear education, recommendations and selection assistance for proper footwear

Dr. Lane's goal is to assure that your custom orthotics are as comfortable and supportive as possible. 

Two-Step Fitting Process

 See what sets our orthotics apart from other orthotic companies

 The Superior Foot Supports Advantage     


We proudly collaborate with these outstanding companies

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"I went through two years of battling every running injury in the book: foot aches, ankle problems, knee pain, hamstring issues, and hip soreness.  I was told by various doctors the only answer was taking months off of running to let my body heal. I finally saw Dr. Lane, who assured me I would be back running in no time.  At the time, this was hard to believe. He explained I was unbalanced which caused unnecessary stress on my body. Dr. Lane fit me for orthotics to correct my alignment.  I wore in the orthotics (just as he recommended) and have remained pain free to this day.  I am so thankful to have seen Dr. Lane.


When most doctors tell you "if it hurts you, stop running."  Dr. Lane will get to the root of the problem, so you can run injury free.  As a runner himself, Dr. Lane understands the needs of runners and his main goal is to get you back and running ASAP!"

Keira D'Amato - Former American record holder, women's half-marathon and marathon

Keira mara wr.webp

Volunteer Staff, Marathon Training Team:

Dr. Lane recognized as a Top Expert in Sports Medicine

Cover of Washingtonian Magazine featuring Dr. George Lane as a Top Expert in Sports Medicine

Read one of Dr. Lane's many articles as a regular news columnist for the Richmond Road Runners Club

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