Whether you run, walk, are on your feet a lot, or simply want improved  comfort, our orthotics can help reduce pain & prevent injuries.

How Our Custom Orthotics Work To Reduce Pain & Prevent Injuries:


Your feet are like the foundation of a building – if they are out of alignment it affects the rest of the chain up to your spine.  By re-aligning the feet, our custom orthotics can help reduce or prevent pain in the feet, ankles, legs, knees, hips & back. Additionally, our custom orthotics can reduce pain by distributing pressure evenly under the entire foot when on hard, flat surfaces, reducing strain on the arch & stress on the heel & forefoot.  

Conditions Our Orthotics Can Help:

  • Forefoot pain: bunions, arthritis, Morton's neuroma (pinched nerve), bursitis, big toe joint stiffness & pain (hallux limitus or sesamoiditis), metatarsalgia, achy feet, corns & calluses

  • Arch & heel pain: flat feet, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, heel spurs, Achilles tendinitis

  • Ankle pain: tendonitis, arthritis, ankle instability, tarsal tunnel syndrome

  • Leg pain: shin splints, calf strain

  • Knee, hip & back pain

What's different about our orthotics? We use Sole Supports as our orthotic manufacturer, providing the most cutting-edge technology.


By remaining in contact with the arch through the entire gait cycle, our orthotics keep your foot in ideal alignment at all times. Many other brands of orthotics will show a space between the device and your foot. If the orthotic is not matching perfectly with your foot through the entire gait cycle, there is less support provided to the foot which can cause misalignment up the chain from the foot to the back.


This results in uneven pressure distribution in the feet, decreased shock absorption, and increased stress on bodily tissues and structures, all of which can increase the likelihood of pain and injury.

Our orthotics are precisely calibrated to your individual foot shape, body weight, and biomechanics. They have an inherent flexibility, providing shock absorption during dynamic activity (jumping, running, etc.) while maintaining the necessary support to prevent the foot from deviating out of alignment.

Our orthotics are extremely durable, lightweight, and slim. They are waterproof and odor resistant. Sole Supports have been the orthotics of choice for the Denver Broncos professional football team, professional tennis player Andy Roddick, and many other high level athletes.

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Your FSA or HSA may cover orthotics

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The services provided by Superior Foot Supports, LLC and it's members are limited to custom orthotic services and do not include medical management, or writing prescriptions unless seeing Dr. Lane as a patient at his Chippenham office. We accept orthotic prescriptions from other providers. Flex spending & health savings accounts typically provide reimbursement.

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