Our Commitment To Quality & Service: Six Unconditional Requirements To Assure You're Getting The Most Effective & Comfortable Custom Foot Orthotics Possible

1. Dr. Lane, our orthotic specialist, performs a detailed biomechanical examination of your feet and lower extremities; non-weight bearing, in stance, and in gait.


This provides critical information required to write the order for your individual orthotic specifications regarding flexibility and control features such as heel cup depth, orthotic width, cushioning characteristics, and specific accommodations.


2. A precise impression of your foot is taken in its best functional alignment.


This requires a person with knowledge and experience at taking foot impressions, as everyone’s feet are different and require differing amounts of positional manipulation to achieve this. Simply standing on or walking over a digital pressure imaging mat or foam is completely inadequate, in fact, this is capturing the foot in one of its worst positions - with no support under it! Even 3-D imaging of the foot is not going to produce the highest quality orthotics because this method cannot manipulate the foot into its best alignment. The methods of foot capture for “custom” orthotics given over the internet by “do it yourself” companies will typically give you a flatter orthotic arch than is required to get meaningful correction of foot alignment.


3. Our orthotic lab uses the highest quality materials, equipment that is capable of extremely precise calibration of orthotic thickness and flexibility, and has tight quality control.


Unfortunately, there are very few labs that can meet these standards, and the orthotics from the labs that do are going to cost a considerable amount more to the customer. If the orthotics are not made to high standards of precision and performance, they won’t work effectively. At Superior Foot Supports, we use Sole Supports; an orthotic manufacturing lab with the very highest standards for precision and quality.



4. Dr. Lane performs an evaluation of your feet and the orthotics together to confirm that the orthotics are made properly before you start wearing them.


This must be performed by a trained and experienced individual to assure the orthotics are correct in fit and function.

5. Expert personalized footwear evaluation, education and selection assistance is provided.

The comfort and support of your custom orthotics will only be their best if the footwear you wear them in is appropriate in fit and function. Dr. Lane performs a comprehensive evaluation of your existing footwear to determine if what you are wearing is both appropriate in fit and support, and if not, will assist you in finding new footwear that is ideal for you. We take the time to educate you on how shoes should fit and what properties the shoes should have to match your foot type and biomechanics. Because we dispense our orthotics at the best footwear stores in the region, we work with the store experts to assure you get the footwear that is right for you. To learn more about choosing the right footwear, check out this presentation by Dr. Lane:


6. A re-evaluation of the orthotics is performed if you are experiencing any problems to determine if any orthotic adjustments are required.


Dr. Lane will meet with you again, if necessary, to make any required adjustments to optimize the comfort and support your orthotics can provide with no additional charges.

Our goal is to assure that your custom orthotics are as comfortable and supportive as possible. We will adjust or remake them free of charge if you're not finding them completely comfortable at any time within the first 6 months. There is a one-year materials warranty. 

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Your FSA or HSA may cover orthotics

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The services provided by Superior Foot Supports, LLC and it's members are limited to custom orthotic services, and do not include medical management, or writing prescriptions unless seeing Dr. Lane as a patient at his Chippenham office. We accept orthotic prescriptions from other providers. Flex spending & health savings accounts typically provide reimbursement.

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